The Hidden Passage

The boys were about to start a real exploration.  It could lead to the other end of the barn or it could lead to something special.  Their hearts were beating so fast they had to stop for a minute to take a few deep breaths.

Teenage brothers Tom and Paul Johnson have just received some shocking news - in a few short weeks, their family will be moving ninety miles away to a farm in southern Minnesota.  They have to leave friends and sports teams in the middle of the school year and their closest neighbors will be nearly half a mile away!

Once they make the move from the city, the Johnson family discovers the intrigue of nature and the surprises it brings.  While cleaning out the storage shed one day, the brothers discover a set of caves once used by the bootleggers that previously owned the farm.  But, how can they investigate without their parents restricting their access?

The simple farm in the rural community becomes anything but simple as the Johnsons discover the true wonders of nature and the riches of history.  The Hidden Passage is full of adventures that keep this family busy all summer long!

Available in paperback and in e-book formats.


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