The Second Summer

In this sequel to The Hidden Passage, teenage brothers Tom and Paul Johnson have successfully made the transition from city life to country living near a small Minnesota town.  They have found lots of excitement in their new home, including a bootleggers cave on their farm and numerous remarkable nature stories.

This summer, though, it's time to get their friends - new and old - involved in their adventures.  The boys, along with their two friends Keith and Jason, spend their time away from school swimming, canoeing, fishing at the lake, and deepening their friendships.  But, when two girls arrive, things start to get a lot more interesting.

The girls eagerly join in the boys' activities, but it's not long before they must return home from their vacation.  Disappointed at the girls' departure, the boys are nevertheless undaunted as they continue their search for adventure.  Nature becomes their playground - one that remains in their memories for years to come.

Available in paperback and in e-book formats.


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